Description Stop violence against women! Gonna stop you now,I guess you better be going. Director Massimo Balloi Credits Starring Arianna Vigliucci, Ileana Sirto Costumes by Mario Valentino

The Maids di MiShorts

Description Stop violence against women!The film uses dream analysis : the first part is a dream of a real Girl, the second part is her real life. My December Director Massimo Balloi Credits 1st Girl Ileana Sirto 2nd Girl: Arianna Vigliucci

Brief Encounter di MiShorts

Reviewer: Michelle Thomas Inspired by the eponymous Noel Coward screen classic, this is the story of a love affair blighted by cigarettes. As it features many close-ups of cigarettes and mouths and lots of beautifully lit smoke, it is perhaps not a film to watch with someone who is trying to give up. There is no dialogue, but great sound design contributes to the atmosphere largely dominated by a mysterious semi-naked woman wreathed in smoke. The film concludes with the hyper-romantic strains of Rachmaninoff and a clip from Brief Encounter playing Thank you for coming back to me.






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 Cinema includes many arts as  literature, also theater, a philosophical aspect and attributes geared to painting, sculpture, music.
Il cinema racchiude in se molte arti: infatti come ha caratteristiche proprie della letteratura, ugualmente ha connotati propri del teatro, un aspetto filosofico e attributi improntati alla pittura, alla scultura, alla musica.
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